Top Features of the Gym South Melbourne

Whether you have just started your journey into the fitness world recovering from the injuries, prime athlete or slow tempo, the gym south Melbourne has classes formed by the certified trainers. The gym gives you the support and direction to fit your pace. The mission of the Gym admin is to grow and gym. With the staff and owners sharing a driven passion for community, growth and fitness, they always seek to find ways to increase your experience. From new equipment, membership specials, community involvement, exciting events, varied styles and increased classes, they mean it when they expand and grow.

You can join the gym for special personal training.


  •         Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
  •         Bent-over Dumbbell Lateral Raises
  •         Flat dumbbell Flyes
  •         Dumbbell lateral raises
  •         Flat Dumbbell Bench Press
  •         Dumbbell Front Raises

30 sec rest, 15-20 reps in 3 sets


Valentino started his first day exercise for shoulders and chest development. He focused on quality and volume. This is the source that improves his physique. He did this work out to keep the body in shape and symmetry. For upper chest he performed incline dumbbell bench presses. This work out needed sixty degree set rotation. For the development of the lower/mid chest, he did flat dumbbell bench press. For outer chest growth, he used flat dumbbell fly. He used to lift rear delts with bent-over dumbbell raises, side delts dumbbell raise and front delt with front dumbbell raises.


To maintain V-shape look, this workout is important. To hit the outer lats, he used close-grip lat pull downs. Felix Valentino hit seated cable rows to develop middle part of the back. He always focused on the special ways of workout that are the basic reason for his strong determination.


Bodybuilding is incomplete without legs workout. He used to do hack squats, leg presses, leg extensions. For the hamstrings Valentino did lying leg curls and standing. It was very tough routine that he worked out very hard to develop his leg’s shape.

1st day: Legs

2nd day: Forearms and back

3rd day: Chest

4th day: Shoulders

5th day: Arms

Daily Calves Training

Every other day abdominal training

For muscles growth, high volume workout is vital with lifting heavy weights. This strategy is good to train small muscles.

The special boot camp south Melbourne are designed to hit the variety of the fitness targets. They are very easy to access online.